LED Video Wall Rental for Indoor & Outdoor Events - Monroe, LA

Whether at concerts, public viewings, trade show appearances, or sporting events, give your audience an "in the middle" experience with our modern LED video wall rental.


By selecting the appropriate LED modules from our rental inventory, you may not only impress spectators with a razor-sharp image but also create your unique ambiance, distinguishing yourself from other event organizers and exhibitors.


Our team provides one of the best-LED video wall services using the highest-quality technology from well-known brands. Our professionals will assist you in bringing an intelligent technological solution straight to your venue.


LED Video Screen Rentals in Monroe, LA and nearby areas

Are you looking for renting an LED video wall for your outdoor or indoor event in Monroe? Well, you are at the right place. Howse Lighting Productions help you stand your company with a great image and an excellent first impression. Our modern LED walls are the only way to achieve sharp photos and bring your digital content to life.


When renting our LED wall, you get a lot of bang for your buck because it provides an unrivaled audio/visual experience for your guests or viewers. Our LED screens are brighter and more reliable than traditional video walls, giving you a better visual experience.

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Move Forward with Our Mobile LED Screens

Stand out from the crowd and show how to put on an excellent show for your event goers with Mobile LED screens—allowing you to reach a large number of people in both indoor and outdoor settings, quickly and easily, with a variety of screen sizes.


Our mobile screens are portable and simple to carry, assemble, and disassemble. Our mobile technology provides brighter, clearer video quality at all times, even in direct sunlight!