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Architectural Lighting Design & Installation Company in Monroe, LA

Howse Lighting Productions is a prominent architectural lighting design company based in Monroe, LA. We recognize structures are more than just bricks and mortar. Therefore, we employ lighting to create pleasant, adaptable, and attractive places.


With our professional lighting services, we provide architects and interior designers with the knowledge and experience needed to correctly light buildings inside and out. Our creative process is heavily influenced by how we see and interact with light.


Architectural Lighting Installers-Professional, Experienced, Reliable.

Whether dealing with technical difficulties like ensuring adequate task lighting in offices and classrooms or creating mood and ambiance in places where it's more vital, we can professionally install lighting on any kind of architectural project.


Our highly experienced and innovative team have designed a broad spectrum of architectural lighting concepts, from modest lighted installations at building entryways to multi-level building facades. Whatever style of lighting you require, you can count on our installers to exceed your expectations.

Lighting for Public Gardens and Landscapes

HLP provides top-notch lighting solutions for public gardens and landscapes. Our team pledges to change the aesthetics of a landscape by delivering a continuous standard and quality of unrivaled lighting services. We endeavor to provide a positive customer experience through our value-based, client-centered approach. Get a custom lighting plan exactly for your requirements at Howse Lighting Productions!

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Professional Lighting Services in Monroe, LA, and Nearby

HLP is pleased to offer its professional and artistic architectural lighting services in Monroe, LA, and nearby areas.


We combine lighting design and daylighting to define your space and increase the viewer's sense of environmental integrity. Every project can benefit from our lighting knowledge since we can customize our services to meet the project's needs and budget.

Why Us?


By creating a dramatic impact with shadowing or illuminating walks and entryways, we bring your property's best qualities to life in many styles and finishes.


HLP creates proper, livable places using distinctive lighting effects with various fixtures and color temperatures. 


We create a safe, well-lit path, using the correct lighting system to highlight an architecture's darkly lit areas.

Need More Details? Contact Us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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