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Who We Are

For stage lighting rentals, Howse Lighting Productions stands out as the best in the business. We have years of experience delivering outstanding services, and many clients trust us to handle any lighting needs that they may have. Whether you are thinking of a fundraising event, a school play, or anything else that requires professional stage lighting, we have the solution you want. Let’s discover who we are.

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Howse Lighting Productions' Story

Any staged event is about the atmosphere that you are going to create around the event. This is why ensuring that you have the right stage equipment for your production is important. At Howse Lighting Productions, we understand this and this is the reason we are trusted to deliver an outstanding experience for our clients.

Founded in 2014, the company has built a solid reputation across the United States and Los Angeles in particular as a reliable source of top-notch lighting equipment. Our lighting equipment has been a feature in concerts, private ceremonies such as weddings, and much more. In all these, we have remained committed to professionalism and going out of our way to ensure that our customers get the equipment they need.

Mission and Vision

At Howse Lighting Productions, we are committed to ensuring that your stage productions and events go as smoothly as possible. With our varied and modern stage lighting equipment, you can make the best out of any event that you have. This dedication to quality is reflected in our mission and vision. We strive to go beyond the basics when it comes to client satisfaction.

  • Mission: To offer our clients reliable and top-quality stage lighting equipment accompanied by outstanding service. Regardless of the size and type of event, our equipment helps to bring your stories to life through outstanding lighting.

  • Vision: Howse Lighting Productions strives to be one of the leading lighting equipment companies in the United States and to be recognized for cutting-edge equipment and unwavering commitment to our clients.

In all that we do, we strive to ensure that these values are demonstrated. For example, we are always happy to help our clients get the right equipment for their events. Our staff goes out of their way to ensure that we understand what our clients need before offering them solutions that help them meet their needs.

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Our Stage Lighting Solutions

Concert Production and Stage Lighting Rental Services

Are you looking to make your concert production or stage event extra special? Our lighting solutions can help make that a reality. We are a top-notch concert lighting company with years of experience in this industry. We help to bring your concert event to life by matching the lighting effects with the music that is being played on stage. Our range of lighting equipment stretches from traditional stage lighting to cutting-edge automated stage lighting. We also have a team of dedicated professionals who can help you design the stage lighting effects and ensure that your concert is mesmerizing

LED Video Wall Rental Services

When it comes to giving your audiences a great experience, nothing beats LED video walls. To get the very best effects, come to Howse Lighting Productions for affordable and cutting-edge LED Video wall technology. We have a large inventory of LED video walls, and this means that you are certain to get just the right equipment for your event. Our LED video wall technology ensures that your event stands out from all the other concerts and events that may be going on. You also benefit from our LED video wall experts, who will help you adapt our equipment to your event so that it naturally blends into the event, creating a seamless fusion that gives your audiences an unforgettable experience. Some LED video wall technologies that we can offer include:


Indoor LED

If you are looking to transform your indoor event and take it to the next level, nothing does this better than an indoor video LED wall. They can be customized to work in any indoor environment, even those that are brightly lit, and this makes them perfect for showcasing products during exhibitions or presentations. They can also deliver high-resolution graphics, ensuring a great backdrop for your event.

Outdoor LED

Just because your event is being held outside does not mean that you cannot take advantage of our outstanding outdoor LED video walls to enhance your event. They are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and will help to bring your event to life through an outstanding immersive experience.

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4K LED video walls deliver an outstanding visual experience that will make for an unforgettable experience for your event visitors and audiences Graphics are shown with breathtaking detail and the fact that you are getting four times the resolution of standard HD displays means you are going to enjoy the experience.

Our Services

It takes much effort to arrange a spectacular celebration. Our firm is here to hold your hand through the entire process, from selecting the optimal stages to the tiny details of powering it all. We'll work with you to create a style and feel that sets the tone, and brings your event to life in the venue. Our services include:

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Event Lighting

Our team provides lighting solutions to enhance any event and deliver a more immersive experience for the audience. Our cutting-edge equipment is incredibly adaptable, and we know how to put together a system that light up everything. Our high-end, energy-efficient lighting guarantees you're shown off to your most tremendous potential, from dramatic illumination to dazzling special effects.


Video Projection

Video provides an additional layer that attracts viewers and puts them closer to the event. Our team at HLP can handle it all, from live and recorded video switching to super-large-screen projection and more, thanks to our latest in recording, processing, and projection technologies.

Event Staging

Our professionals have decades of experience designing event stages that are both useful and beautiful, as well as occasionally mind-blowing. Our staff has the desire and know-how to produce any form of design, from minor stages to outstanding large-scale works, from basic conception to the most minor details.


Audio Visual

We at HLP ensure that you sound as good as you are with a broad spectrum of cutting-edge audio equipment. We can design unique audio systems for any size band or set of instruments, ensuring that everyone in the audience hears the same crisp, clear sound.


Power Setup

You might need more electricity for lighting, microphones, amps, staging, or a variety of other things. You won't have to bother putting the generators together or turning the lights on. You simply sit back and enjoy the performance because we run your event as smoothly as possible with our power setup system.

Why Us-We Are At What We Do!

Howse Lighting Productions is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, honesty, and meticulous attention to detail. We consider our clients to be members of one team, which is why our clients choose us over and over.

Tailored Solutions

Our team of experts gets to know your business inside and out and takes care of every detail to create a world-class event. We'll plan your event from beginning to end to execute it just how you want it to be.

Professional Team

Our whole crew has been hand-picked to guarantee that you receive the best at what they do and people who are excited to be a part of your special day. Our goal has always been to treat our clients like royalty and make them the event's focal point.

Years of Experience

Our corporate event planners will make your event memorable by bringing years of experience to the table. Our designers make a world of your own for the day, night, or weekend, from themed to unique.

Need More Details? Contact Us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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