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Concert Lighting Company in Monroe, LA

HLP is a leading concert lighting company in Monroe, LA, dedicated to tailoring the experience to surpass all your expectations since we know how to capture the audience's attention. We take great pride in our long history of illuminating some of the most gifted performers in the world.


We make sure to match lighting effects with the music to be present in a professionally run concert lighting system, which will increase audience enjoyment. Additionally, we have a team of professional lighting directors and designers who can plan for any live concert using everything from traditional conventional lighting to cutting-edge automated lights and LEDs


We Are a Professional Lighting Company to Make Your Event Extra Special

One of the crucial factors in an event's success is lighting. Because of this, many businesses now choose expert lighting services before considering any other event concerns. We have vast experience transforming areas to reflect your theme and brand.


Our experts believe intelligent lighting design is essential for all events, including big conferences, elaborate gala dinners, interactive exhibitions, small meetings, and everything in between. We take pleasure in our dedication to giving our clients and their events the best lighting service possible. We are your one-stop-shop for all your event lighting needs.

Move About Easily and Comfortably With Our Lighting for Portable Stages

HLP offers a selection of portable stage lighting kits. These lights have proven popular with concerts, schools, colleges, theater groups, hotel suites, and other venues.


We are experts in lighting solutions, providing the most efficient and high quality stage lights at an affordable cost. We provide lighting equipment for portable stages to accommodate all settings and users, from the mobile DJ or live band to stage events, exhibitions, nightclubs, and pubs.


Add Magical Moments to Your Concert with Our Stage Lighting Rentals

Any concert's success can be influenced by its lighting, which can transform it into a visually stunning performance. The talent of the singers can make or break a concert, but lousy lighting will eventually prevent the audience from fully immersed in the performance.


Are you willing to experience the striking difference that professional stage lighting can make to your concert?


HLP is a top supplier of stage lighting rental for concerts. Club and party lights, disco lighting, high-power laser projectors, intelligent lighting effects, dimming and lighting control, moving luminaires, par-can lighting, laser lights, special effects LED lighting, DJ lasers, entertainment lighting, automated lighting, and full lighting consoles are just a few of the professional lighting products we provide for concerts to produce the desired spectacle.

Create an Image for Your Event Using Our Stage Lighting Design

HLP is a full-service event lighting company that focuses on designing live theater, dance, and corporate events. Any event can gain energy, emotion, and excitement through a fantastic light display and staging design.


To assist you with the stage design of the new system, we offer consultations and carry out on-site assessments of your current lighting configuration.


To effectively plan the final design, our lighting professionals note every venue's bend, ledge, and corner. We work hard to create a stage lighting setup that is undetectable to the crowd but highlights your keynote speaker or standout performer, producing a one-of-a-kind event.


Equipment List for Concert Lighting

Any live concert's success depends significantly on the stage and lighting setup. No show would be without stage production, lighting effects, and other related elements. This is why having adequate equipment from a reputed stage and concert lighting company is crucial. Here are some of the equipment necessary to organize a concert successfully:

  • Moving Lights

  • Follow Spots

  • PAR Lights

  • Flood Lights

  • Consoles

  • Amplifiers

  • Cables

  • Speakers and many more!

Our Event Lighting Services in Monroe, LA

Howse Lighting Productions is renowned as one of the leading brands in event lighting technology, equipment rentals, design, and installation services in Monroe, LA. People in Monroe may come to know our team as a welcoming neighborhood.


We assess your location to ensure we can offer the best event lighting services. We take great satisfaction in our detailed analysis and project-perfect outcomes.


Discover why venues all across Monroe have grown to rely on our staff for high-caliber services at reasonable costs. To begin a discussion about the requirements for the success of your venue, give our knowledgeable lighting professionals a call right now or fill out the form on our website.


Why HLP?

HLP is known for high-quality, reasonably priced event lighting solutions. We offer every component of a comprehensive lighting solution, from consulting to design and installation, to assist you in developing a compelling presentation for any event.


Our experts manage contracting and design, ensuring you get high-quality outcomes at reasonable pricing. Our team has years of expertise in designing, installing, and working with professional lighting equipment, so no matter what your lighting requirements are, we can help make them a reality.


Need More Details? Contact Us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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