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Stage Lighting Installation and Sound Services in Monroe, LA

Stage lighting and sound set the mood of any event. At HLP, we combine the essential components of your event staging using the most recent light and sound technologies to retain the focus on your brand.


For decades, our experts have led the way in stage lighting and sound system installation services, and we have the accolades to back it up. With the extensive and varied lighting and sound solutions we offer countless chances to turn any event into one that will be indeed remembered.


Our valued customers receive personalized service from our experts, ensuring that your vision is realized. No matter what event you hold, HLP will offer the best services and professional guidance.

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Sound and Lighting Company in Monroe, LA

Look no further than HLP if you want cutting-edge sound effects, evocative lighting, and stunning stage displays. We collaborated with numerous venues and festivals throughout Monroe to bring their stage dreams to reality.


Our team is passionate about the exceptional and extraordinary, and we provide a distinctive blend of top-notch gear, breadth of knowledge, and innovative event technologies. HLP has quickly emerged as one of LA's most advanced and cost-effective full-service stage lighting and sound services providers.

Leaving an Impression with Our Stage Light Installation

Stage lighting installation can occasionally be challenging and calls for a certain level of expertise. To deal with these challenges, if you looking for lighting installers, look no further than us!


HLP has an impressive background working for various clients and helping them with stage lighting installations.


Our event stage specialists will work with you to create and provide the ideal stage lighting solution for your event and then install that lighting for you, whether it be simple wireless uplighters or a complicated lighting design for a significant awards ceremony or live-streamed event.


With us, you will receive more than a product or service; you will receive tested counsel and valuable support to ensure that you get the most excellent service to have the grandest stage with perfect lighting installed for your event.

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Stand in the Spotlight with Our Professional Equipment

Stage lighting technology has developed into a more challenging and specialized profession. HLP has expanded its expertise and service offerings to stay on top of this technological advancement.


We provide a variety of high-quality and professional stage lighting equipment for theaters, performing arts centers, schools, stage shows, performance venues, and drama spaces to make their show one that audiences will remember for years to come

Get the Best Sound and Lighting Rentals at the Most Inexpensive Rates!

For years, HLP has offered sound and lighting rentals throughout Monroe. Our dynamic, competitive, and fascinating selection ensures that your audio-visual setup looks and sounds as good as possible.


Thanks to our fantastic review system, you can see what experiences other customers have had and be confident that you're receiving a service you can rely on. Enjoy 5-star service at unbelievable rental pricing as you look around!


Need More Details? Contact Us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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